When Confronted He Resorts To 5 Behaviors Action


In recent memory we have never witnessed any President who handled the office as Donald Trump has While his unfavorable ratings in the polls, consistentl is at or near historic highs his core supporters are perhaps the most loyal ever.

o some how the present occupant of the White House, behaves, when confronted, challenged etc seems extraordinarily improper and UnĀ  presidential this behavior is encouraged by and encouraging to his followers.

Whenever he feels pressure etc his reaction is generally to lash out strongly against any perceived enemy foe. In fact those who have closely witnessed this individual, for the past couple of years, as President, and, for decades, as a New York businessman, realize, his reaction, nearly always, falls into 5 basic categories/ actions. With that in mind.

this article will briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, what to anticipate, and, perhaps, what it indicates about the individual.

1. Deny, deny: Nearly always, Trump’s initial response, is to immediately, deny! When confronted, about one of the several females, who have stated, sexual misbehavior, he always, first states, he doesn’t know the woman, or, barely, met her, and then, adds, something like, She’s not my type.

This same course is used, when any type of government irregularity is involved, or claims about Russian interference, etc. After many decades, we have never observed, Donald Trump, apologize for anything, or even, generally, accept/ assume personal responsibility!

2. Blame others: Aren’t you tired, yet, of, the tendency, to continue to blame, or bring up, Hillary Clinton, whenever he is accused? He believes in governing, by Social Media, and, the more he’s challenged, the more, he tends to blame others. Once, loyal supporters, who say or do anything, which challenges him, seem to be sent, to the garbage heep!

3. Name calling: When someone accuses, and or, corners him, the first response, seems to be,to resort to name calling! Think of some of his famous names he’s used in the last few years he has articulated, including Lying Ted, Little Marco, Sleepy Joe Low Energy Jebb etc. In recent days, as soon as it was learned, the Special Counselor, Robert Mueller, received a subpoena, to testify before Congress, Trump began accusing Mueller of unstated criminal activity, having an agenda, etc.

4. Accusations: Isn’t it interesting, a man, who reacts, so poorly, when others say anything negative, about him, immediately accuses, his accusers, often, without any evidence, whatsoever? One of his spokespersons, famously, referred to apparent lies, and misstatements, as Alternative Facts.

5. Alternative Facts: The fact – checking division of the Washington Post, has proclaimed, this man, has misstated, or lied, over 10, 000 times, since elected to office.

Are these, merely, alternate facts? Is he, the Liar – in – Chief, or mistreated, by the news media?

Wake up America, because this isn’t normal! Learn from the character of an individual, because it says, so much, about him!

Richard has owned businesses been a COO CEO Director of Development consultant professionally run events consulted to thousands conducted personal development seminars and worked on political campaigns for 4 decades. Rich has written three books and thousands of

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