What is Trust Fax?

What is Trust Fax

What is Trust Fax?

Faxing will never be about papers and phone calls frenzy.As many would say High-quality service can only be achieved by the ones who existed for years.True to that motto Trust Fax a company owned by j2 Global, is a long-standing faxing business that helps small-to medium-scale business and enterprises to achieve no-hassle experience in digital faxing by only using the Internet. With the limited faxing transmission per recipient it does support firms who do not mind to send such in bulk.Through this, features are also highlighted much. Trust Fax marketed mostly in less intricate business operations is easy to install and management dashboard is all in Web centralizing all the work in one place. To learn more about this program just keep reading and we will dissect its features and benefits and all the details entailed in this Trust fax review.

Features and Benefits of Trust Fax

Easy-to-comprehend Web Dashboard

You can now help yourself with its easy Web interface. All of the options you might get are all there plus the fact that you will no longer need to install built-in or maintain something from the web. Say goodbye to rewiring and setups from your older fax machines. Additional fees are not known here at Trust Fax. You can always log in on their main web page via your Trust Fax account.

Personal Fax Number.

In this field your fax number becomes your identity card. On Trust Fax you are allowed to choose your own personal fax number your local number or a toll-free number. The extra phone line is free from charge. They also offer 866 877 and 888 numbers free in cost in the majority of US states.

Sending and Receiving Faxes.

Trust Fax mailbox makes it possible for you to receive and send faxes that you have access to wherever you are at any time of the day. Internet connection is all you need to be able to send and receive faxes to anyone in the world. This makes Trust Fax a more convenient way for there is no need for you to use fax machines.

Fax by Email.

Email is a popular method of sending messages through electronic means. Email is already a cliche to almost everyone nowadays. With Trust Fax you can also send faxes through email, which makes it handy and requires less effort.

Fax Tracking.

Fax Tracking lets you manage and track all your outgoing and incoming faxes through a control panel that you can access with an Internet connection.

What is Trust Fax

Digitized Signatures.

Using Trust Fax signing a paper again and again that costs extra effort and time will not be a problem anymore. You can input a digital version of your signature and just paste it in any faxes that need your signature. With that, the work of signing receipts offices memos and mailings becomes lighter and more manageable.

International Faxing.

Because of the needs in expanding their offers for not just small-scale businesses Trust Fax also offer quotes for international faxing services. You can now send and share faxes outside USA and Canada. With Trust Fax you don’t have to worry about spending extra because you are allowed to send faxes to over 200 international destinations at reasonable rates. The payment for this kind of service is not included to your monthly subscription and is quoted per minute transaction.


PDF files make less work and hassle-free, you don’t have to worry about your files being formatted or edited. Through Trust Fax you will receive your faxes the same way as they were sent by the sender. In this way scanning is much easy, can be encrypted by a password, and saves a lot more space perfect for the full hard drive of yours.

Unlimited faxing storage.

You can no longer worry for clogged faxes from the past as you can enjoy sending such anytime you want. With this, sending faxes in email and from phone calls can never be a hassle for you.

Helpful customer support desk.

You can ask their customer support desk via email or calling their hotline 1 (866) 733-7040. Their helpdesk is available from 9 to 5 pm EST, Mondays to Fridays. Their tech support will answer your queries and is knowledgeable about how Internet faxing goes.


Trust Fax Plan.

Monthly price.


Annually price.


Included Pages.


Overage Rate Incoming and Outgoing.


Trust Fax has both monthly plan and annual plan. The yearly plan usually has more discount than the monthly plan that needs to be paid month by month. The features of Trust fax are.

Free subscription for a month inclusive of unlimited fax storage.
Has toll-free number assigned to you upon getting your subscription.
300 combined inbound or outbound free pages each month inclusive faxes across the US is free of charge
Additional pages for 10 cents per page.
30 days free online fax storage.
When you pay for one year you will save 16% or $10.83 per month as a discount.
They also offer a Lite plan worth $30 per year. This plan includes minimal faxing services.

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