Wealthy Marketer Review Your Top Five Questions


I hope to answer your Top Five Questions in this Wealthy Marketer Review I will be concentrating mainly on whether or not Wealthy Marketer’s 0-up program is a legitimate business opportunity This is not an EDC Gold review or Roadmap to Riches review or a review or about any of the other 1-up and 2-up programs however I will be touching upon the differences briefly. So let’s dive right into the Top 5 frequently asked questions in this Wealthy Marketer Review.

1. What is it all about? Well it is a zero-up 3-tier program pays three levels deep. What this means is that a Wealthy Marketer member earns $900 for every direct sale they personally make. Zero up means that there is no passing up sales to a sponsor like many of the 1-up and 2-up programs currently on the internet like EDC Gold and Roadmap to Riches.

On top of the $900 WM members also receive $200 from their second level, and $100 from their third level The 100 and 200-dollar payments will continue to pay out to the member forever. New members will begin bringing traffic to their capture page and then convert that traffic into buyers, and the WM sponsor is there to assist and teach this process. This program is not a 1-up, 2-up program, M.L.M. or gifting program.

2. What are the products Alex Hunter CEO and Millionaire of Wealthy Marketer hands over all of his secrets in his book entitled The $900.00 a day handbook which is an easy to follow 72 page long comprehensive guide to getting traffic to a website and converting it into sales. A new member will get over $10,000 worth of valuable software and e-books.

There is also exclusive training material compiled by one of the six-figure Wealthy Marketer members that is called The Wealthy Marketer Training Guide which offers many ways to advertise at no cost and insider tips about the industry. Wealthy Market also has an exclusive advertising Co-Op available to members that would like to be up and running faster.

3. How easy is it to learn how to be a Wealthy Marketer Yes! A new Wealthy Marketer member receives exclusive one-on-one training directly from their sponsor and there are live training calls three times a week with the top earning mentors to answer questions. There is a learning curve involved with becoming an online earner however new members not asked to re-create the wheel they are simply advised to copy what their successful sponsor is doing.

4. Will I be able to see the site before I join Yes.. They do offer a 5-day trial period so that a person can see the corporate website, the back office, and the product.

5. How much does it Cost to Join? There is a one time fee of $1497 and there are no other company costs to you. Part of this total $297 will go for the companies administrative fees. $900 goes to the main sponsor and 100 and 200 are paid out to the respective sponsors.note Another difference that should be mentioned here is that there are no monthly fees with this program like there are with EDC Gold and Roadmap to Riches.

In closing I would like to say that mentoring and training are a must have if a someone expects to succeed online and Wealthy Marketer seems to cover both with their team synergy mentoring approach. The one time fee no monthly costs and the lifetime residual income could be a nice draw to this program, for someone looking for a home based business..

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