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The Articles Sense Network is the creation of Peter Drew, a well know AdSense marketer as well a software developer for the Internet marketing niche The concept of the network is to combine the aspects of article and viral marketing together with social networking into one system whereby leveraging the effort and time spent on performing these marketing tasks.

The Methodology.

This is a revenue sharing network which is free to participate in.

To submit an article you must sign up for a free account. When you do so, you will be able to add your AdSense code to the network. Your AdSense code will then be displayed on 50% of the page views of your articles. Back-links will be gained by your articles being displayed on other member’s sites throughout the network.

The distribution of the articles is done automatically so the larger the network grows the more back-links you will potentially receive from the links you include in the articles resource box, and the more times your AdSense code will be displayed.

Though anyone can submit articles by signing up for a free account there is also an option to purchase the article site script and basically run your own site within the network. Video can be embed in the articles as well. This can be your own or videos related to the articles topic or from another video source.

In the resource box you can include up to two links to any site you choose using the anchor text of your choice. Articles must be submitted by hand one at a time no automated submissions.

This network is brand new and it is impossible to predict at this stage if will live up to its advertised potential, or just be another distraction to your marketing efforts. The key to it being a worthwhile venture is how exponentially the network grows, if it grows at all.

This may or may not be a tool that you may want to add to your marketing arsenal but it is certainly not a replacement for your normal article marketing submissions, like those to established article directories.

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